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American Heritage Financial advisors enjoyed your company at our Holiday Open House on December 4, 2015. We had an excellent turnout and it was a wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation for your business. Thank you to those who brought along family and friends. We hope they will consider American Heritage Financial for the future.


Estate Planning can be confusing, mysterious and often ignored. Have you ever wondered if you need a trust. Should you make a living will? How can you protect your assets for future generations? We answered those questions at our Rosemont Country Club event on May 6, 2014. Attorney R. Bryan Nace was our speaker. We are happy to help you develop an Estate Plan. Contact your advisor or call us at 330-535-0881.

iPad: Apps for Financial Success and Much More

Our American Heritage and EGI Financial advisors enjoyed seeing many of you at our September 18, iPad demonstration at Rosemont Country Club. Our host shared a variety of business, educational, and recreational apps that can be used on nearly any tablet or cell phone. If you lost your notes or couldn't join us, here's a list of some the apps we discussed.

Spring 2013 Open House: Our firm held an open house on April 26, 2013, at our office, The Andrew House, 655 W Market Street, Akron. It was a pleasure to see our clients and we hope you had an enjoyable evening. Enjoy our presentation "Happiness is a well invested life".

2012 Presentation: We gave this PowerPoint presentation at our March 30, 2012,Open House. The presentation reviews significant market events of the first quarter and presents our outlook for the remainder of 2012. 1st Quarter 2012 Open House Presentation