Proprietary Research

With a long history of investment experience that includes many successes as well as mistakes, we know what we don’t know and we don’t pretend to be able to predict the market. However, our years of experience and access to some of the greatest minds on Wall Street enables us to provide helpful insight on market conditions. Below are recent commentaries that our team regularly publishes for our clients.

Market Commentary

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Financial & Planning Ideas You Can Use

Former Fed President Gives Thoughts on 2015 by Brian Vincelette - February 2015
Sandra Pianalto shares her experience at the Federal Reserve and her expectations for the economy in 2015.

Are You Confused about your 401k? - May 2014
A discussiom some of the pitfalls and mistakes many participants make in managing their employee-sponsored retirement plans (which include 403(b), 457, SIMPLE and SEP plans as well as 401k’s).

Can You Buy Happiness? - January 2014
There is a growing volume of research that indicates money CAN buy happiness depending on how the money is spent.

Don't Be a TARGET of Identity Theft - January 2014
One in 14 Americans have been a target of identity theft and a staggering 70 percent of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. Avoid becoming a statistic.

It's Gift Giving Season - December 2013
Before you ring in the New Year, perhaps you will want to consider the advantages of an investment-related gifting strategy.

Policy Watch: The 2014 Budget Proposal Could Affect You - November 2013
President Obama's 2014 budget reform proposal could affect your Social Security income and more.

Redefining Retirement by Ted Ingraham- November 2013
Is the retirement stereotype still a reality?

Fear of Money by Ted Ingraham- October 2013
Money can make people uncomfortable, cause stress and anxiety, and make people feel out of control.

Love, Marriage & Social Security by Ted Ingraham- August 2013
Little known strategies for maximizing your Social Security Benefits.

This is Your Time - Their Time is Done. by Ted Ingraham- July 2013
Today, instead of Russian hockey players, this quote can be applied to bond investors.

Target Date Funds - Know the risks! by Ted Ingraham- July 2013
An allocation mix of stock and bonds that targets your retirement date sounds great and might seem fairly risk-free. But here are a few things you’ll want to consider before investing in TDFs.

Is Your Annuity Working For You? by Brian Weinreich- June 2013
When you invest in an annuity you are taking on a partner--the insurer that issues it. So every once in a while it is a good idea to evaluate how well your partner is contributing to your investment portfolio.

Our Planning Services - Your Life Plan - May 2013
American Heritage Securities and EGI Financial offers the full range of financial services, including individual financial planning. Our goal is helping you realize your dreams and financial objectives through a personalized plan that focuses on accumulating and preserving your money

Social Security - Time is Money-
by Ted Ingraham - April 2013
Deciding when to collect Social Security not only defines the size of your monthly benefit, it also determines the amount of income you collect over your lifetime.

Going Poor ... Slowly -
by Ted Ingraham - February 2013
The opportunity cost of not being invested in other market sectors, plus inflation, has made cash the most expensive asset class to hold over the last four years.

A New Look at Retirement Planning
- By Ted Ingraham - January 2013
A new school of thought on retirement planning challenges the prevailing assumptions for retirement income.