American Heritage Securities Legal Disclosures

As a broker dealer, American Heritage Securities is regulated by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), by the Securities and Exchange Comminnion (SEC) - a unit of the US government created by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and by the Ohio Division of Securities. Each of these regulators provide extensive investor protection and educational information on thier websites.

American Heritage Securities provides the following regulatory disclosures for clients and prospective clients:

Privacy Policy We are serious about the security of your personal and financial information. Click HERE to view an SEC form describing your rights relative to personal information our firm may collect.

Business Continuation Plan Description of our firm's plans in the event of a business disruption.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy Description of our firm's anti-money laundering procedures.

Broker Check for American Heritage Securities FINRA's report on American Heritage Securities showing registration status and any legal or customer complaint history. You can view the report directly by going to Finra Home Page.