American Heritage Securities, Inc.

American Heritage Securities is a full service brokerage firm We are an independent, locally owned firm. A member of FINRA, SIPC and MSRB, established in Akron, Ohio in 1991.

American Heritage works as a broker with clients. We establish investment accounts for clients and provide the level of assistance desired by the client to facilitate their investment objectives. We provide advice driven by the client’s need and desire for either an active or passive investment relationship. As typical of brokerage relationships, it is commission based.

A full range of investment services and products are available through American Heritage Securities including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement products, annuities and insurance. Basic financial planning tools such as Retirement Planning, Educational Planning and Retirement Income Distribution Programs are available. Customer accounts and securities are held at our custodian clearing firm, First Clearing, LLC, a division of Wells Fargo Securities.

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