EGI Financial, Inc.

EGI Financial, Inc. is an Ohio corporation established in 1992 as an investment advisory business. EGI Financial, Inc. is registered with the SEC and the state of Ohio and regulated by the state of Ohio as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.

EGI Financial Inc. provides investment advisory services to individuals, small businesses, retirement plans, trusts, estates, and charitable organizations. We develop investment programs suited to each individual client’s needs. We establish and manage portfolios consisting of publicly traded securities; including equities (stocks), government, corporate and municipal debt, certificates of deposit, investment company securities (mutual funds), and options. Portfolios are individually managed on a discretionary basis dependent on the clients’ objectives and risk parameters as identified in their Investment Policy.

We are a “fee-only” advisor; meaning we charge a fee for investment advice based on assets under management. We do not charge commissions or receive compensation other than fully disclosed fees. See the attached Form ADV part II Disclosure page for additional information on advisory fees.

EGI Financial’s Inc. primary business is to provide investment advice through money management services. EGI will occasionally provide basic financial planning assistance as a component of our money management services. When in-depth financial planning services are requested by clients, EGI may charge additional hourly fees. EGI is also licensed as an insurance agency in the state of Ohio and sells insurance products on an occasional basis to clients outside of our investment advisory business. EGI does not specialize in, or focus on, either insurance or financial planning.

EGI Financial Legal Disclosures