Career Opportunities

American Heritage Securities, Inc. and EGI Financial, Inc. provide an amazing opportunity for the right person (or group):
  • This is a broker - and – investment advisor – and – entrepreneurial opportunity
  • It is a total break from the wirehouse/employee mentality
  • It is for the person who seeks independence, ownership and the attendant responsibilities
  • It is for the seasoned advisor who understands the investment process and client needs.

This opportunity provides the broker/advisor with an exciting and unique business model:
  • You will have new options to service your clients and focus your business in the manner best suited to both you and your clients.
  • You will have a new level of responsibility and control over your business and your relationship with clients.
  • Your clients will benefit from lower fees, expanded service and unbiased independent advice.
  • Your clients will understand and appreciate the additional responsibility you now hold for their financial welfare.
  • You control costs, fees and commissions while a high percentage of all revenue you generate is paid directly to you.
  • You will have broad latitude to focus his business in any sector of the financial industry he/she desires.
  • There is the opportunity to own and grow your business in new ways—as traditional as building a broker team to such non-traditional ways as bond trading, marketing specialized research, establishing and managing private investment pools and many others.

The right person or group will have the ability to bring a substantial book of business that will provide growth and momentum to this exceptional business model. Ideally, that person will also possess the entrepreneurial and management ability to eventually run the overall business. In return, they will benefit from the many advantages of the unique investment platforms, increased client satisfaction, and substantially higher earnings. The ultimate objective is to help build the value of the broker/dealer and RIA firms and future ownership of those firms.